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Who am I and how can I help you?

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Hello and a very warm welcome to my website.

My name is Mary McGlynn and I am a fully qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist based in Castleknock, Dublin.  

Originally from Donegal, I moved to Dublin over 10 years ago where I have been working in the Mental Health & Education industry ever since. 

I have always had a genuine interest in helping and supporting people, especially in the areas of Trauma, Depression, Anxiety and Grief.

Body Image, Eating Disorders & Muscle Dysmorphia are also of particular interest due to the rise in numbers and lack of supports for sufferers. 

I provide one to one private sessions either in my cozy cabin or online. I can also provide therapy over the phone if that suits you better.

I also lecture in mental health topics to Degree students and have extensive experience working in the education industry so I am also available for tutoring / training / talks on specific mental health topics for groups and businesses.  

My main purpose is to help people overcome their struggles with some gentle, positive, and manageable therapy using ones own resources and re-discover hope and happiness which is the Human Givens approach.

You deserve to be listened to - just hit the 'Book an Appoinment' link at the top of this page and I will do the rest.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Development - Psychology, Sociology & Philosophy
  • Fully qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist with Supervision. Membership No: 180798
  • Train the Trainer Qualification - over 10 years tutoring experience - Attendance & Online
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance

CPD Courses Completed

  •       How to reduce Suicide Risk
  •       How to avoid Burnout
  •       From Self-Ham to Self-Belief
  •    Brief Therapy for Stopping Addictions
  •    The Mind-Body Connection
  •       How to be an even better Therapist
  •       Stress & Mental Health
  •       Certificate in Menopause Support
  •       Online & Phone Therapy Training
  •       Grief & Bereavement: Understanding Loss 
  •       Understanding Trauma
  •       Understanding Eating Difficulties
  •       How to help students thrive

Specialist Area:

  • Trauma / Depression / Anxiety
  • Grief / Loss / Later Life Therapy
  • Eating Disorders / Body Image

What are ‘Human Givens’ you may ask?

I often get asked this question and I am very happy to explain.

When we are born, we are ‘given’ emotional needs which if met in balance, we flourish as human beings.

Like our physical needs – the need for water, food, sleep, and exercise, we also require our emotional needs to be nurtured which in turn enables us to thrive.

If these emotional needs are not met, especially in childhood or because of some trauma or difficulty in life, we suffer worry, stress and anxiety. Over time, this worry, rumination, and lack of restorative sleep can often lead to depression or PTSD.

 During our session,  you are invited to talk about whatever you need to talk about without feeling judged or misunderstood in any way. You will feel supported and my aim is make you feel a little lighter even after the first session. It is up to yourself how many sessions you need so there is also no pressure there. 

The Practical Forward Focused Approach

 I can help look at where you are now, how you’re feeling and how these feelings are affecting your daily life. I can also identify unmet emotional needs and use scientifically based knowledge, skills & techniques to help you feel better as quickly as possible.

 There is no need to keep going over and over your past during sessions - in a way, this can re-traumatise a person. Everyone's journey is different so I will work with you, in your own time so that you can start to heal and discover hope again.