Specialist Areas

Key Areas:

  • Trauma
  • Depression


Trauma can happen to us for many different reasons - through bereavement, a challenging childhood, witnessing or going through acts of violence, mental & emotional abuse, crisis pregnancy, lonliness, relationship breakups, illness ... the list could go on. 

Many of us dont realise the reason we react to things the way we do and have unpredictable emotions.  Whatever has caused the trauma gets locked in our brains and symptoms of this can include flashbacks, sleep problems, strained relationships, low motivation, isolation, PTSD, low mood & depression. 

If you feel like you are stuck like this and need to feel a little better, please contact me and we can work on unlocking the trauma(s) so that you can process it and feel a little lighter again while also regaining some hope and enjoyment in life. 

Depression & Anxiety

Never before have levels of depression and anxiety been so high in the world in general. The busyness of our daily lives has overtaken our need for connection with people and community, proper time with our children, restorative rest, and time to ourselves.

Individuals can suffer due to a wide range of issues including family conflict, bereavement, trauma, or any problem which causes undue stress, rumination and lack of sleep. Covid 19 has also caused widespread mental health issues and PTSD especially those who are working in the healthcare industry, those who were completely isolated or those continuously suffering with long Covid. Studies show that being alone or feeling isolated can have a more damaging effect to the body than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

Depression is our body’s way of telling us that our mental health needs minding - we become depressed if stress, worry, and rumination accumulates. Sleep is often affected which in turn decreases motivation and over time can result in depression or low mood.

During our session, you will have the freedom to talk about whatever you want without being judged. I will really listen and work with you to try to balance your needs and use scientifically proven techniques to lighten the load on your body & mind.

The Highly Sensitive Person

If you feel that you get emotionally overwhelmed easily, overthink things, enjoy solitude, feel uncomfortable around crowds, chaos, smells, or noise, worry more and take longer to get over something, or if you think that you can ‘feel’ more than others and tune into how people are feeling, then you may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Dr. Elaine Aron pioneered this idea and started researching the area back in the 1970’s. She found that up to 30% of the population are HSP’s and they evolved in the first place to sense danger and have more empathy to care for and help people.  Where would we be in the world if we didn’t have these caring and empathetic souls – they are our artists, writers, therapists, teachers, and nurses.  

It is because of the lack of knowledge on the subject that causes misunderstanding however, more and more people are discovering Dr. Aron’s findings and are finally finding answers as to why they feel different or react differently to things. It’s so refreshing when you discover that all these feelings are normal and with the right guidance and lifestyle changes, you can lead a very happy and content life and use this wonderful natural resource as a gift to help and understand people.

I made this wonderful discovery a while back and it has really changed my life as I now feel accepted and know how to take care of myself properly to flourish – this is what I want to do for you too.

This can all be discussed during our session and my clients are always relieved to know that there is nothing wrong with them and with the right tools, can gain some control and energy back in their lives.

Student Worries

Having worked in the Further Education industry for over 10 years as a Mental Health and Careers Manager, I have met and supported students of all ages and backgrounds and have gained some excellent knowledge on the pressures, expectations, and overwhelm of student life.

I’ve had many private sessions with students to gauge why they feel the way they feel and how this feeling is impacting their lives. I take a holistic approach in balancing their emotional and physical needs thus improving motivation for their course and life in general again.