Specialist Areas

specialist Areas:

  • Trauma, Depression & Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Eating Disorders / Body Image

Trauma / Depression / Anxiety

Trauma, Depression and Anxiety can happen to us for many different reasons - through grief, a challenging childhood, witnessing or going through acts of violence, mental & emotional abuse, crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss, abortion, fertility issues, lonliness, relationship breakups, illness ... the list could go on. 

Depression is our body’s way of telling us that our mental health needs minding - we become depressed if stress, worry, and rumination accumulates. Sleep and life in general is often affected which in turn decreases motivation and over time can result in depression or low mood. 

During our session, you will have the freedom to talk about whatever you want without being judged. I will really listen and work with you to try to balance your needs and use scientifically proven techniques to lighten the load on your body & mind.

If you feel like you are stuck, please contact me and we can work through unlocking these feelings so that you can process them and feel a little lighter, while also regaining some hope and enjoyment in life. 

Grief and Bereavement

Grief can happen for many different reasons: 

  • The loss of a loved one
  • Fertility Issues
  • Relationship loss - break up / seperation / divorce 
  • Big changes in life
  • Loss of identity
  • Grief of what could have been
  • Loss of meaning & purpose in life
  • Loss of emotional / physical connection with a loved one
The way we deal with loss is the grief that we feel and this feeling is different for everyone. Grief can be prolonged over a long period of time, it can be absent as a way of coping with the shock of it all and it can also be anticipatory - awaiting the loss of a loved one which can be very long and heavy on the heart. 

Grief can also be complicated for some people depending on the type of relationship they had with the person and the manner is which the person passed away. 

It takes time to process your own individual grief. When you are ready, talk therapy is really important to help process what has happened and help lighten the heavy load - please contact me today for a compassionate and understanding ear - lets start the healing together. 


Eating Disorders / Body Image

Although body image and eating disorder struggles are most common amongst females, research suggets that 25% of those affected are male and with the increase of muscle dysmorphia, this percentage is on the increase. 

Most eating disorders start during adolescence with some developing it at a much younger or older age. Disordered eating does not discriminate based on sexuality, culture or race and affects almost every country in the world. 
Whilst on the surface it might seem to be about weight and body image - in reality it is often more complex and multifaceted. 

During our session - the focus is on making you feel heard and talking about any underlying issues that may be taking up space and preventing you from healing. You are not making a fuss and your feelings do matter. 

Body Image & Eating Disorder struggles I can help with:

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating
  • Muscle Dysmorphia
  • Orthorexia
  • Pica

Student Worries

Having worked in the Further Education industry for over 10 years as a Mental Health and Careers Manager, I have met and supported students of all ages and backgrounds and have gained some excellent knowledge on the pressures, expectations, and overwhelm of student life.

I’ve had many private sessions with students to gauge why they feel the way they feel and how this feeling is impacting their lives. I take a holistic approach in balancing their emotional and physical needs thus improving motivation for their course and life in general again.